Andrea Walls (artist name Whales) brings classical flair, gypsy fiddling, and an eclectic taste to musical events.  She has been playing violin since her early childhood and has offered her talents at countless weddings and musical events on the Mainland and in Hawaii.  As a resident of  Maui for nearly a decade, Andrea  actively plays in numerous bands (links please see below) and has performed at nearly every Hotel and Venue on Maui.

A classical violinist by training, Andrea also sings and plays Marimba, Mbira, and percussion. Andrea specializes  in Classical compositions, Romantic violin, Wedding Music and similar celebratory events.  Her wider repertoire extends to Jazz and Fusion, Gypsy Music, Indian Music, and middle eastern tunes. She is well-versed both as soloist and in band performances for small and large audiences.  She currently performs regularly with Mapenzi and numerous other live acts listed below.

Besides her calling as professional musician Andrea is also passionate about Whales and Dolphins and the protection of  the Oceans.