Andrea loves to play for Weddings, Private Parties, Ceremonies. and Festivals!

With passion, elegance, and light-heartedness she brings a special musical sensibility and joy to your particular occasion ~ in Church, Hotels, the Beach and other places of natural wonder. Over many years Andrea has performed at countless weddings, ceremonies, and musical extravaganzas, both as Solo Artist or in Duets and Ensembles.

Her wide musical training in Classical Music, Jazz, Latin music and Middle-Eastern musical traditions makes her an incredible partner on stage and her shows a wonderful musical experience.

She is available to perform as a solo artist or in combination with many other instruments including; guitar, bass, drums, sax, flute, piano, violin, viola, cello, harp, sarod, harmonium, tabla, oud, dumbek, steel pan, bandoneon, marimba orchestra, and samba bateria.

Andrea's repertoire is testimony to her vast musical interests and talent.

Please see the booking page for Andrea's availability and rates.